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What is Up_Keep?

Up_Keep is a professional and ethical sewing service for both businesses and individuals.


We offer repair and alteration services in addition to sewing manufacture, this includes one-off pieces, small projects, or ongoing production for small businesses.


Up_Keep operates a fair and flexible service and centres around community and the future of a more sustainable industry.






Molly founded Up_Keep after having focused on sustainability in fashion during her university degrees. The business runs from a studio based in Wyke Stores in Weymouth, Dorset which is run and managed by Molly. Here her brand Molly Alice is also designed, developed, and manufactured. The aim of the studio space is to create a platform for independent and/or local creative businesses, promoting community, collaboration, and sustainability.


Ethics and Sustainability

The fashion industry is problematic, and it has been my goal to disrupt that, however no one is perfect, and we consider Sustainability as a constant learning curve where we continually assess and improve.

Wyke Stores

Wyke Stores is the property in which the Up_Keep studio and office is based. Up_Keep’s founder Molly owns the property with her Dad, so they have lots of control on what goes on there!

  • Ecotricity – Green electricity! (to find out more and switch yourself: )

  • We take careful consideration in turning unused electrical devices/lights off to try and save energy.

  • Separate bins: Recycling, food waste and landfill is separated and dealt with in the right way.

  • Paper/envelopes: Most packaging we receive from parcels gets reused by one of the businesses which operates in Wyke Stores.

  • Minimising printing and paper, all customers have the option of receiving invoices etc via email.

  • St Edmunds Foodbank: This is close to us in location and spirit, everyone at Wyke Stores volunteers at St Edmunds and this charity is an important part of our future. 


  • Trying to use small /local/ independent shops to buy supplies.

  • Be a plastic free workplace!


  • Ethical manufacture.

             -All workers to be paid at the living wage or above.

             -Clear opportunities for staff to learn and progress.

             -Flexible working.

             -Safe, Covid-19 considerate rules.

             -Happy workplace 😊 😊 😊

(At the moment Molly is a one-person band! So, she only has herself to consider for the above but see goals for more on this.)

  • Waste:

Any waste is dealt with as per the Rules at Wyke Stores (see above).

             -Packaging is recycled where possible.

             -Fabric scraps: nearly all fabric scraps are kept for future products, and                events, even really small things are kept as they can be made into                        stuffing! When cutting the most economic lay plan will be used.          Businesses can request to have their scraps sent back to them free of charge.

  • Posting: We try to minimise the amount of posting where possible.

  • Diversity: Every person is welcome at Up_Keep as an employee or customer.


  • To offer a sewing school which will offer jobs to local people.

  • Encourage as many sustainable fabric choices as possible.

  • Keep listening to feedback.

Please follow our socials for on-going updates on all of this <3


Thank you!

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