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Welcome my name is Molly and I founded Up_Keep this year.

I’ve had Up_Keep as an idea in my head for a few years now and after some research, some hard work, help from supportive friends and family, oh and a pandemic, it’s coming to life!

My overall aim with Up_keep is to help people see the fashion industry in a different way and rethink their experience of clothing, while being inclusive of everyone. I am based in a village in Weymouth in Dorset and where I have a studio in which my sewing takes place. The aim of the studio space is to create a platform for independent and/or local creative businesses, promoting community, collaboration, and sustainability. The pandemic has meant I have spent most the time in here on my own speaking to people via the internet, but I am hoping later in the year I will be able to open the space to more people. I feel very lucky to have a space to do something which I love and I can’t wait to share it!

I also have a small brand called MollyAlice, this still developing but keep your eyes out for more exciting products! MollyAlice, is designed and created in my studio.

I am hoping to use this blog to give general updates of what I have been up to while also talking about relevant issues: sustainability and the fashion industry.

What is Up_Keep?

Up_Keep is an ethical sewing service for both businesses and individuals.

We offer a repair and alteration service and as well as sewing manufacture. This may be a one-off project or an ongoing service or for ethical, handmade production for small businesses.

Up_Keep operates a fair and flexible service and centres around community and the future of a more sustainable industry.

Please explore my website to learn more about what we get up to.

About me:

I am a fashion design graduate, I studied at Nottingham Trent for 3 years, including a year’s

industry experience and then last year I completed a masters at Winchester School of Art.

My family ran the space that is now my studio as a grocery store for 7 years, I helped run the shop for most of this time with my Dad!

I’m always open to new ideas and collaborations, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

This weeks thoughts:

I was shocked to see this week that research from UCL’s plastic innovation hub said that:

‘Most masks available for sale are made from layers of plastics and are designed to be single-use. If every person in the UK used one single-use mask each day for a year, that would create 66,000 tonnes of contaminated plastic waste and create ten times more climate change impact than using reusable masks.’

Masks are now an essential part of keeping ourselves safe during the coronavirus pandemic (to see the Uk’s rules on face coverings see link below) but we also need to avoid single-use plastic items as much as possible.

Single-use plastic, something which is made from plastic and can only be used once before being thrown away- for example food wrapping- is problematic for our environment. Plastic is made from unsustainable resources and the manufacturing process itself is energy intensive. Most of these products will most likely end up in landfill where they take years to break down, and when they do the plastic turns into micro pieces which can end up in our water supplies and food chains. Furthermore, as we have all seen, many of the disposable masks end up littered on the floor where they are a hazard to both people and animals.

In some cases, disposable masks must be used, for specific job roles, but otherwise reusable masks made of fabric can be worn to reduce the volume of single-use plastic masks which end up littered on the road and eventually in landfill. Reusable masks can be worn and then washed and re worn.

I have carefully designed my masks to ensure the best fit possible, including a wire to allow shaping around the nose. They also include a filter pocket if you are looking for extra protection. Each mask comes in a fabric case so you can keep it safe in your bag/pocket.

I have considered fashion with a range of fabrics/colours/prints. Look stylish while also being safe!

The UK’s rules on face coverings:

Advice on washing masks:

Weekly recap of the gram! Follow me for regular updates @mollyaliceuk

I hope everyone is keeping well and safe in Lockdown 3.0.

Molly x

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